Japanese Fellowship

日本語版サイト: 「https://www.japanesechristianchurchnashville.org

Most of the Japanese in Middle Tennessee are here temporarily as business families or researchers. Our vision and goal is to help them see the unconditional love of Christ and hear His living Word. We are here to help their felt needs such as improving English, being a friend, and helping them to adjust. In our time together we also share the Word of God. Our prayer is for their salvation and know we can be a part of their journey if the Lord so grants. It would be great if they join the afternoon Japanese/English Sunday services to familiarize themselves with worship and fellowship. This would make it easier for them to pursue the same in Japan when they return. We can refer them to fellowships in Japan.

In the two years here, I have met 23 Japanese Christians in the Middle Tennessee area. Some attend English church services and others do not live nearby. To join together each Sunday for worship and fellowship is not easy. So we pray that those who can join will participate, grow in their faith, and help reach out to the lost. Over 60 Japanese have entered the building in this first month for ESL, VBS, or Sunday services and fellowship. We are thankful to the Lord for each one and for the volunteers who are making this happen. Being a multi-cultural church, it is good to see people of different countries meeting together and learning from each other. It is great that we can serve each other in Christ’s love as one family. We look forward to what God has planned.

Japanese Christian church in Franklin, TN.